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Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency Services

When it comes to creating a high-performance PPC campaign, it’s beyond the numbers game. PPC marketing is all about your brand awareness, your competitors, your customers, and triggers that turn prospects into conversions.

We at Inkhorn Solutions use data-driven insights to obtain the best ROI for your business. Unlike other Pay, Per Click agencies our team of Google Ads experts spend time analyzing the length of each site visit and the journey that each visitor takes.

We will uncover powerful terms that compel conversion rates via the roof, as compared to easy-wins that simply generate traffic. We will strive for your in-house marketing experts to achieve the goals that are highly relevant to your business.

We will deploy innovative tests to continually find improvements to your campaign. In this way, you will be able to reach the right audience at right time.

Our PPC Management Approaches

With years of experience in running successful PPC campaigns, implement a tested approach to PPC management which ensures we achieve the marketing objectives that you set.

Whether you want to generate more leads, increase website traffic, increase your sales or boost up your brand awareness, we will work with you in all ways. We ensure you reach the right audience and your ads are relevant as well as efficient with your ad spend. Below are the major approaches that we implement:

Analysis and Restructuring: Our PPC specialists will start the campaign by making an in-depth analysis. Our Pay Per Click Services are inclusive of the existing and new campaigns.

We will increase an understanding of existing ad campaigns, optimize and restructure to craft your campaign. If you need a brand new campaign, we will configure an approach according to your business requirement, audience, and market trends.

Selection of Keywords: Are you targeting the right keywords according to your relevant market competition? Our team of professionals takes time to conduct thorough keyword research. In-depth keyword research is key at this level. This will make sure that your campaign is showing to those who intend to convert.

Landing Page Optimization: Are your landing pages converting as they should be according to PPC Advertising? Our design experts will build and outline bespoke optimized landing pages. This will make sure that your leads are sent to a page where they will be eager to get in touch.

Reporting and Analysis: Inkhorn Solutions monthly reporting show you everything that you achieved and insight into the performance of your campaign. With transparent data, detailed strategy, and in-depth analytics our approaches can give you the bigger picture.

Benefits of Working with Professional PPC Agency

Paid search is considered a major component in a broader successful marketing strategy. Thus effective PPC ads can assist you to stand out among your competitors and increase brand awareness. Some benefits of paid advertising are:

  • Instant uplift in traffic
  • First-page coverage to place you on the top of your competitors
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Exact tracking of visitors and attract new visitors very quickly