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Deliver groceries in less than 15 minutes

Start Delivering Groceries, Digitalize your supermarket with a one-stop solution for your digital supermarket business.

Customer Mobile/Web App

Allow your store customers to order directly from your online ordering app & website with multiple integrated payments and delivery portals.

Place an Order​

Customers can place orders as per the settings and location allowed by the Admin portal and availability as per the Stock at your Grocery Store online.

Real-time Tracking & Updates

Control Web inventory as well as Prices, Location, Quantity, and availability in any specific area with real-time reporting.

Customized Real time Tracking Dashboard

Track your Orders with all the details with Rider Tracking.

Delivery and Rider App.

Rider App integrates with the Store App and connects with the Dashboard to provide real-time order taking and tracking Riders and their details

Payment Gateways Integration

Payment Gateway integration supported. (Stripe, Paypal, and all other Payment Gateways as per the requirement.)

Grocery App / WebSite Admin Panal

Grocery App, Even if you have one store and want to serve your customers digitally in a specific location or you want to expand and sell in different areas with multiple warehouse options available for your supermarket.
In the grocery delivery industry, 15-minutes delivery is the new normal. Through the micro fulfillment centers, hyperlocal grocery stores are now able to reach the customer within minutes. Q-commerce is transforming the local grocery delivery market, expanding business opportunities in addition to improving customer shopping experiences. Adopt the latest technology and have a competitive edge by delivering to your customers faster.

Dashboard for seamless Grocery App

Gives you full control, overview and powerful analytiec

Manage all your stocks and price details from your dashboard also can manage warehousing from multiple warehousing locations.

Monitor your sales and get location based reports for your stock as  your sales and define areas where to invest more to get more.

All Marketing Portals can be integrated with this portal with multiple payment options.

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